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It is not to very often I attend a show and have a band punching my jaw to the floor, but lemme tell ya, that  happened tonight.

Let’s start the evening off at about 530pmish. I am sitting at home scrolling the events for tonight. There was a ton of awesome shows happening tonight and that’s for sure. There was Larry Olsen’s Birthday Party, Aftertayst At Spankys, Downhill Trend at Chopper Johns and a ton of other shows.

I have wanted to see Spider Hole and SHOWMEGOD for a little while now. And of course the awesome Fatal Malady and SoundmankillZ were also on this bill.

I knew about the show way back when they posted the event and decided then I was going to go. But this goofy guy right here did not put away any money to get into the show. So I put it out there and a loving family member hooked me up so out the doors I went. I through on the new lid and rode to the event at Joe’s Grotto.

When I got there the parking lot was all but empty. About 30 or 40 cars maybe a little more. I could not understand why because the event said the doors were open at 6pm I so figured it was that. I went inside paid my 12 bucks and proceeded to head over and talk to some local Metal Meatbags and the bands. Spider hole was getting ready to hit the stage, and mind you; I have never heard these guys before.  So I did not know what to expect. But you know me I godda hear it for myself before I can lay out an opinion right?

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Most know that I have a very diverse flavor of music likes, and they sometimes are not always metal or punk. I also checkout the stage show, along with the music that’s just what I do.

I have seen so many shows; that they all start running together unless something sticks out and makes a massive impression.

OK back to Spider Hole. Have you guys ever watched a Quentin Tarantino movie or Peter gun or even 007. Well the guitar sounds from the bands that played the sound tracks in those movies were very similar to these guys. I really loved the guitar sound. They were very different to say the least more of an acid surf retro rock n roll style. Very entertaining for sure.

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Next up the powerful FatalMalady. If you have never been to one of their shows you really should make it a point to get to one. These guys are freaking awesome. There stage show has grown exponentially over the years to a finely tuned machine of total perfection. My little girl Sammy AKA Mary Ella O Sullivan percussionist/drummer for 2 IN THE CHEST. She has liked them ever sense the very first show she seen. And the guys in the band are always so good to her. Thanks guys for being so cool to my little angel.

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Next up was a band I have seen a few times before SoundmankillZ. I used to live across the street from the original singer and I was expecting to see him again but he was not there. What they did was lap up a new guitar player and the guitar player that was replaced jumped on vocals. Now this guy is fun to watch he is very energetic on stage. I love these guys it’s just hard to wrap my head around not seeing the singer I grew accustom to seeing/hearing. There not bad by any stretch, they sounded fantastic as always. I think it is kind of like a David Lee Roth/ Sammy Hagar thing. I could never get used to SH singing for Van Halen, but like I said, they really put on a great show like always. I love SoundmankillZ.

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Now I’m getting pretty tiered at this point you know being an old man and all, but a good friend said that she might show up for SHOWMEGOD, so I was going to stick around. They were setting up and it was taking some time. Now 2 IN THE CHEST takes a little time to set up but wow these guys were taking over an hour. I’m saying to myself “what the heck is going on” “I need to get out of here I’m tired and I have rehearsal in the morning” but as I was walking out to say good bye to everyone Laura walks up and I said that I might have to get out of here I’m just to tired. She says “oh no! you need to stay and see these guys” what? I responded she says 2 IN THE CHEST  and SHOWMEGOD need to do shows together and that I would not understand until I seen them. So I stayed and we sat and waited and waited. At this point I’m getting restless and ready to go, then the intro starts, and 2 people are on either side of this giant curtain that they placed in front of the stage so people did not see them setting up. After about a 2 minute intro the 2 people pulled down the curtain and my jaw dropped at the stage set up. I have never seen anything this cool before. I said to myself, “oh you’re not going anywhere” I sat in my chair next to Laura and I was in awe of the music and the stage show and the performances of the musicians. I could not believe something so cool as this has not yet been seen.

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Well after talking to the members and explaining to them that I have a monster Halloween party that I wanted them to perform. The singer then relayed to me that it takes so long for them to set up that they do not do to many shows. I said HOG WASH. I want you guys on this show. So what we will do is have two bands perform back to back on the back stage so as to give them time to set up.

I am telling you all right now; you need to see this band. They are so freaking cool.

We will have them perform last on the big stage so they do not have to kill themselves taking the gear off stage.
SHOWMEGOD  I now have a new band in my top 10. I do not know these people or what they are about but there is one thing for sure, they are freaking awesome entertainers, and I for one was mesmerized the entire show. Everything was set up so well. Everything flowed so professionally, that it amazed me beyond belief. They get 10 metal horns out of 10. BAM! Mic Drop SHOWMEGOD is Drippin Personified.
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